Software Products to create and/or convert technical documents

TexPort converts your TeX or LaTeX files to
Microsoft Word Documents

TexPort converts the following:

Equations Itemize and enumerate
Greek characters Framebox, fbox, makebox and mbox
Math/Scientific characters Indexes
Bold and Italic styles Simple tables
Footnotes European accent characters
Verbatim and verb commands \def and \newcommand
Itemize and Bib Item Itemize, Bib Item,
Cite Item.

K-Talk Communications specializes in equations.

TexPort converts equations into MathEdit format. The Professional
Edition of MathEdit, K-Talk's equation editor, is included with
TexPort. These equations can then be used in Microsoft Word,
and other word processing and desktop publishing documents.

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For sample files converted by TexPort, see the file


Our software has been sold as a PC product since 1991, and has converted
documents for hundreds of esteemed institutions including:

Los Alamos Laboratory
Northwestern University
Duke University Triangle Research Park
California Institute of Technology

TexPort is available three ways

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