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The Math Edit Challenge

The Challenge

We created a letter containing over 50 equations in less than 4 hours using MathEdit and popular word processors. Can you recreate the letter in less than 44 hours with the same typeset-level quality, using just WordPerfect, Word, or AmiPro? Our challenge letter is available in the following files:

The Reason

We want to save your valuable time. MathEdit can pay for itself in hours saved the first time you create a technical document. This challenge is set to show you how frustrating technical publishing can be without MathEdit.

The Rules

If you are willing to accept second rate quality, and not align the equations as we have done - you might be able to beat the 44 hours, but you won't even approach the 4 hours or the professional results.

The Reward

If you have the time to create this document, complete with aligned equations across page breaks, without using MathEdit, we will sell you MathEdit at half-price (so you won't have to suffer through that again!). Send us the document with your order - the order form is at the end of our letter file.

The Relief

You can see how easy MathEdit is by downloading our working demo. The demo can create any equation in our challenge letter and even comes with samples of some already done. The file name is mathed30.exe (1.4M)

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